Pest Control Tips

Here are some general pest control tips you can follow to minimize your pest problems at home: -

  • Do not allow leftovers, trash, decaying matter or wood to remain in your house for long. Make sure that you have proper daily garbage disposal services for your home.
  • Cover and seal trash tightly. Trash bins with lock-on covers are recommended as they prevent any pests from getting at your trash.
  • Trim your hedges of any vines, shrubs and limbs that may harbor pests.
  • Seal off all potential materials that may be food for ants and roaches in tight containers and bags.
  • Use mosquito netting for all possible entry points (i.e. doors, windows, ventilation shafts).
  • Check for structural damage around the house such as moisture-damaged wood, weak spots in the roof and clogged drains.
  • Ensure that all contained water is covered to prevent mosquito breeding. Check for any places or items that may collect water during rain such as empty flowerpots.
  • Shuffle stored items regularly to prevent pest infestations
  • Keep all food preparation areas grease-free and spared of bits of food lying around.
  • Do not touch anything if you have not washed your hands after preparing food. Cockroaches and ants sometimes find materials such as plastic and paper to be appetizing with the smell of food on them.
  • Always clean with detergents
  • Before storing end-of-season clothes (i.e. winter and summer), ensure that they are already washed and dried properly so that smells will not attract roaches and ants.
  • Seal boxes tightly around the edges and opening ends with tape.
  • Carefully check plants and boxes that may harbor pests before bringing them home with you.
  • Keep toilets clean and dry and air it out regularly to get rid of unpleasant smells.

Follow these tips closely when you use our Unique Pest Control Products and you will be able to get rid of ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes in no time!

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