Ant Bait Tips

Ant bait is effective against social insects such as ants because ants generally collect and share food with the entire ant colony. Because of this food-sharing habit, ant bait is effective for killing ants completely. Furthermore, the hallucination effect will cause the ants to kill each other even if the ant bait poison does not kill them!

Ant bait offers a more permanent ant control solution than broadcast applications of spraying pesticides, which basically only repels ants.

For best results, follow the recommendations as below when using ant baits:

  • Remove competing food sources. Baits are less effective in areas with abundant food sources that serve as a rival food source like:
    - dumpsters, chicken houses, pet's feeding dishes, trash cans, etc.
    - Another type of bait competition comes from aphids and scale insects producing honey dew outside.
  • Use fresh ant bait, once the container is opened it needs to be used within 6 months to 1 year. It not, it becomes stale and unacceptable to the ants, not having a good acceptance.

  • Use of insecticides sprays or dusts before or during ant bait treatment is forbidden. Contact or a residual insecticides applied prior to treatment or during the ant bait treatments, sets a hostile environment, suppressing foraging activity from the foraging ants.

  • Ant Baits are most effective when temperatures are above 70F. If daytime temperatures are in the 90's a night-time application may be more effective. Placing a small amount of ant bait close to a mound will determine if ants are there, ready to forage for food within 30 minutes if conditions are favorable.
  • Do not use ant baits on wet surfaces such as grass with dew or uncovered outdoor areas. This will make the ant bait less desirable to the ants --- remember the ants perceive the baits as a potential food source.
  • Broadcasting ant baits is normally more effective in reducing fire ant populations than mound treatments. Broadcasting is more economical and less labor intensive than individual mound treatments in areas with more than 40 mounds per acre.
  • Be very thorough when using ant baits. Try to locate possible entry points, looking for their trails, placing ant bait in those areas. Don't forget about baiting the outside as well.

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